WMdoll ROS heads review

Informative WMdoll ROS heads review

WMdoll ROS heads review

WMdoll is surely one of the most prestigious factories in China. They are well-known and established and their dolls are well built and durable.

I finally could review a few of their ROS heads. As I write these lines, WMdoll is so overwehlmed by the demand that they have a 1.5 month backlog producing these heads.

WMdoll ROS heads review

Tradionally, oral sex with a sex doll is done by inserting your penis into a mouth with a strechable hole. The principle is very similar to a vagina. It is a hole that adapts to your penis.

That wasn’t very realistic so some companies came with a concept of an opening mouth with movable jaws. The very first company to do this was GameLady. There was a big ussie though: The head with movable jaws looked complately different than the one with a traditional mouth ven though it was the same model.

That is why we were very anxious to see WM’s version of the movable jaws: their ROS (Real Oral Sex) heads. Good news: WMdoll’s ROS heads look fantastic!

Watch our WMdoll ROS head review video below


You will find a list of the current available ROS heads here

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Pros & Cons
  • Great enhancement!
  • Soft theeth
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated tongue
  • The jaws articulations seem to be sturdy
  • New product - we do not know about the durability
  • Eyes are still buldging
  • Not very deep
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