JYdoll 157cm review

Surprising JYdoll 157cm review

JYdoll 157cm review

JYdoll is a brand produced in China that produces very attractice and original models. They have the merit to be one of those that do not copy others but rather to produce their own content. A few years ago, they were struggling with their product’s quality and many vendors just decided to stop carrying their products.

Now the main issue to their success may not be the quality of their products anymore but rather the typical Chinese way of doing business.

JYdoll 157cm review

HEIGHT: 5’1 (157cm)BRA SIZE: H
WEIGHT: 83 pound (38kg)VAGINA DEPT: 6.2″ (16cm)
BUST: 32.6″ (83cm)ANAL DEPT: 5.5″ (14cm)
WAIST: 19.6″ (50cm)HIP: 35.8″ (91cm)

Here is our 10 points JYdoll 157cm review:

1. Promotion pictures likeness: 10/10
The body is almost exactly the same. No complaints here.

JYdoll 157cm review

2. Skin: 9/10
This doll has silicone skin.Her skin is a little softer than the silicone skin that I am used with. I’d say it is about 7% softer.

3. Boobs: 9/10
The shape of these boobs reminds me of silicone fake boobs, that being said, it suits her body perfectly. The boobs are made with softer silicone and are filled with gel. They do feel great.

4. Labia realism: 7/10
The labia is fine. I have seen better silicone labia but, unless you are a labia fetishist, there is no reason to complain here. That seam is very annoying but, as I said before, I am yet to see a silicone doll that has no visible seam there.

JYdoll 157cm review

JYdoll 157cm review

5. Butt realism: 5/10
She has one big butt! Again, not very realistic but it totally suits her. Her thin waist, huge boobs, big hips and big butt make her look extremely attractive. Unfortuantely and despite the factory’s promise, she doesn’t come with a soft butt option. In my opinion, a silicone ass that is not built with a SOFT BUTT option is much too hard to be enjoyable.

JYdoll 157cm review

Now the main issue is that the factory assured me, well they even sold me a SOFT BUTT option for that doll. It turned out, they don’t have a soft butt option available and I realized it only when I received the doll.

JYdoll 157cm review

Strange thing, he did sell me a soft butt when I bought the doll for my customer.

JYdoll 157cm review

This experienced reminded me why I removed all JYdolls from our website a few years ago: I can’t trust them. They will tell me everything they can to sell a doll, including straight up lying.

6. Hands: 9/10
Well done! Pretty realistic. The articulated fingers are fantastic. Articulated fingers are definitely a must.

7. Holes placement: 5/10
The LHP (Love Holes Placement) is not accurate. It is a little weird to see new models with inaccurare holes placement. As you can see, the anus is nearly invisible when she leans forward.

JYdoll 157cm review

8. Weight: 6/10
At 85lbs (39kg), she is on the heavy side however, she didn’t feel that heavy. The weight is still there, be aware!

JYdoll 157cm review

9. Articulation: 6/10
I didn’t like the way the articulations where adjusted. It seems like they do not use a precision tool to always get the same adjustement. One arm was looser than the other. One hip was nearly impossible to move. They were just very inconsistent.

10. General impression: 7/10
I have always liked that model. She has nice curves and a big sets of boobs, which is always a huge convincing argument for me. This models has head #233 which is a gorgeous head, certainly one of their best looking ones.

If it is your first doll, think twice before going for this one. She is heavy. If you already own a doll and now the drill, you will certainly enjoy her.

WE DO NOT OFFICIALLY CARRY JY DOLLS. If you still wish to buy this model, you can contact us here.

Watch our JYdoll 157cm review video below


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Pros & Cons
  • Very attractive model
  • Soft gel boobs
  • Great articulated fingers
  • Unreliable factory - Make sure you buy from a very reputable vendor.
  • No soft butt option
  • No oral sex
  • Heavy doll
  • Incorrect LHP
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