Starpery 171cm A cup review – Hedy head

Very rare Starpery 171cm A cup review

Starpery 171cm A cup review

Starpery is a quite new factory (about 2 years as I write these lines) which is specialized in highly realistic looking sex dolls. All of their heads are made in silicone and you have the choice of having the body built in silicone or in TPE. Silicone is about $800 more expensive.

BRAND: Original Starpery DollMATERIAL: TPE body/ Head soft silicone
HEIGHT: 5’8 (171cm)BRA SIZE: A
WEIGHT: 41.5kg (TPE)VAGINA DEPT: 7.4″ (19cm)
BUST: 30.7″ (78cm)ANAL DEPT: 6.7″ (17cm)
FOOT: 9″ (23cm)ORAL DEPT: X
WAIST: 25.6″ (65cm)HIP: 36.6″ (93cm)
Starpery 171cm A cup review named Hedy – No weight reduction – Soft silicone head

Aesthetically speaking, the doll realism is stunning. I really have the feeling that the mold was made on a real woman. Many brands, for instance Piper or WM, do not use real woman to built their mold.

They actually use a an artist that will sculpt the doll. He will literally make a statue and the mold will be made from that piece of art.

Starpery dolls look much more like real women. It is not better or worst, it is just a question of taste. What is it that turns you on?

Her skin is about 10% harder than the default TPE skin from WMdoll. It is resistant and very flexible. Starpery offers all their heads in silicone only. You can choose if you wish to have your body built in silicone or in TPE.

The body of the doll in this review was built in TPE.

This doll has the soft silicone skin head which allow oral sex. Although I didn’t try it, I don’t see how I could penetrate that mouth. My dick is too big, it would hurt I think.

Here is our 10 points Starpery 171cm A cup review:

1. Promotion pictures likeness: 10/10
The doll is exactly the same as the one on the pictures. Their marketing material is obviously not photoshopped and you can expect to receive the same doll as you see on the pictures.

Starpery 171cm A cup review

2. Skin: 8/10
The skin is harder than what I am used to with WM. After discussing with my employee, I realized that it is maybe not a bad thing. Human do not have soft skin everywhere. In fact, it is about the opposite. Our arms, rib cage, legs, thighs are mostly quite hard. Only women’s breasts are soft. On some woman, the butt is form, on other, it is soft.

The skin on this doll resemble in fact more real human. It drawback is that the boobs are not as soft as the ones on a real woman. Of course, the huge advantage is that the skin is much less prone to damage.

3. Boobs: 7/10
They would be a little too firm for my taste. It would be nice if they’d had a soft boobs option.

4. Labia realism: 7/10
The labia on this doll is fine. I like the fact that they use paint for the color and not simply lipstick like many other brands do.

Starpery 171cm A cup labia

Starpery 171cm A cup review

5. Butt realism: 6/10
The butt for is great and look very realistic however, I find it to be much too hard.

6. Hands: 6/10
Their default hands are definitely to be improved. They are not up to the standard that this brand wish to reach and represent. Luckily, they now offer the articulated fingers as well as an option.

7. Holes placement: 9/10
The hole placement seems to be correct. The vagina is reachable from behind and the butt hole is where it should be.

Starpery 171cm A cup hole placement

8. Weight: 7.5/10
She weighs about 82lbs with her head on. It is really the maximum I could personally handle.

Starpery 171cm A cup review

9. Articulation: 10/10
The articulations for that model are perfect. They are easy to move, they are tight enough where they should be and they do not squeak at all.

10. General impression: 8/10
Aesthetically speaking, she looks fantastic. Starpery produces ones of the most realistic looking dolls on the market, there is no doubt about that.

I am still not over the fact that I find her skin to be too hard but as I mentioned above, I may be the one having an issue. In fact, I would like the butt and the breasts to be softer, I don’t care about the rest.


Watch our Starpery 171cm A cup review video below


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Pros & Cons
  • Very realistic looking
  • Great skeleton
  • Resistant and flexible skin
  • Correct holes placement
  • Breasts a little too firm
  • Although the factory state the opposite, oral sex with a soft head is nearly impossible
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