Sexdolls moaning review

Funny sexdolls moaning review

sexdolls moaning review

Sexdolls moaning review

Nowadays, every sex doll vendor offers the moaning option. But what exactly does it do? How does it work? Does it work well? How does it sound? We will try to answer these questions in this review.

Here is our 10 points Sexdolls moaning review:

There is not enough to say to write a full 10 points review. The ten points review is more appropriate for sex dolls.

The moaning option is one of the electronic devices that I do not recommend. Electronics in sex dolls never work very well. If they do work well, they won’t for very long.

I have tested many of them, including body heating, the vagina auto-sucking feature, moaning, a vagina cleaner, and moving hips. The only remaining electronic option that I need to test is the WM breathing option, which I plan to do very soon.

Sexdolls moaning review

Now, the moaning option is not as bad as I thought. It has sensors in the breasts and vagina, and it reacts to your actions. However, the reactions can be disproportionate—you touch her breasts, and she moans as if she was just about to have an orgasm. But the concept is interesting.

I guess my main issue with this option is the pronounced Chinese accent of the voice. It doesn’t sound like a spontaneous reaction; it sounds like a Chinese actor trying to speak English, which is exactly what it is. If the odd Chinese voice doesn’t bother you, you might enjoy this feature.

Another unfortunate issue is that the device is located in the middle of the back. I understand why, as there are sensors everywhere that need to be wired to the device. The back was probably the most convenient place to put the moaning device, but it isn’t very aesthetic. You can overcome this issue by using a long wig—the hair will hide the device.

I shot a video testing the moaning device, which you can watch below. Let me know what you think about it.

Watch our sexdolls moaning review video below


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  • The Chinese accent is a turn off
  • The device is located in the middle of the back
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